Fire and Life Safety Education

Picture of Community Educator Emily Thompson

Sergeant Emily Thompson, Community Educator

Emily graduated high school in 2003 and then traveled down to south Georgia to attend college. There she started volunteering for a local fire department and loved it so much that she decided to make it a career. Being a firefighter and helping people is a passion for Emily. However, she discovered her true hunger after discovering there are ways to help prevent accidents from ever happening in the first place.

Emily moved closer to home to be near family and to serve the community she grew up in. She started her career with Athens-Clarke County Fire & Emergency Services in October of 2010. She has worked tirelessly to grow in her profession and has gone from a firefighter recruit to Fire Sergeant. Emily has always been passionate about Fire and Life Safety Education and recently realized her dream job opportunity to become the Athens-Clarke County Community Risk Reduction Educator. 

Community Risk Reduction Office: 706-613-3360


Bubbles the clown and Freddie the Fire Engine

Meet Bubbles

Bubbles was born in 2008 to parents, Soap-iea and Hydro, who were two balloons that floated away from the circus. Bubbles grew up in a firehouse in south GA where she fell in love with spreading the messages of Fire and Life Safety. One day Bubble’s joined a circus and traveled all over spreading her knowledge. Landing in Athens-Clarke County in 2010 she decided to stay. Bubbles ate a poison apple and fell asleep for many years until one day she was kissed by a golden firefighter, and the spell was broken. Now Bubbles is on a mission to teach Fire and Life Safety in and around Athens-Clarke County.

Bubbles has a pet dog named Sparky and a friend, Freddie the Fire Truck.

Hobbies include: making balloon animals, being a movie star, finger and face painting, walking on her hands, doing cartwheels, cooking safely, taking long walks with Freddie and Sparky, being a goofball, and spreading the knowledge of Fire and Life Safety to all ages.

The End….wait…or is this just the beginning?

Fire and Life Safety Education Program Request

The mission of Athens-Clarke County Fire & Emergency Services is to protect lives and property. In addition to our emergency response for fires and medical emergencies, our department provides community education to help us achieve this goal.  To request additional information or schedule an education program please click on the link below. 

Fire and Life Safety Education Program Request

Fire Station Tours

OutreachSchool groups, families, and anyone else can visit a fire station of your choice and receive a station and apparatus tour, a demonstration of firefighter gear, and fire safety tips from our firefighters. Tours may be scheduled between the hours of 9:00 am and 7:00 pm Monday through Saturday. Station tours are dependent upon emergency calls received by station personnel. Due to the unforeseen nature of receiving emergency calls, we would be happy to accommodate scheduling a future visit or discuss options to assure your group can receive a tour.

Fire Apparatus Visits


Our firefighters will visit local schools and daycare facilities to give children tours of fire trucks, demonstrate firefighter gear, and provide fire safety tips. These demonstrations can be focused on a particular topic of your choice or a broad range of fire safety topics. Our goal is to make a memorable education experience and to teach kids to welcome the help of firefighters in the event of an emergency. 

Fire Safety House

fire safety house

For certain larger-scale events, we can have an educator bring our Fire Safety House to your location. This scaled-down "house" has rooms that fill with simulated smoke, doors that give off heat, and working smoke alarms that activate to help us teach your children how to safely evacuate in the event of a fire or emergency. If you have an event with a large number of children that will be in attendance, please send us your request with as much advance notice as possible. 

Fire and Life Safety and Emergency Education Videos