Solid Waste Advisory Commission

MEMBERS: 10 members currently

TERM: There are no term limits


Regular meetings: Third Wednesday of the second month of the quarter at 5:30 PM, Athens-Clarke County Solid Waste Department; 725 Hancock Industrial Way


Working as an advisory board to the Mayor and Commission with regards to compliance with FAA guidelines as well as seeking federal and state funding for maintenance and improvements; insuring the airport meets community needs, present and future.

Special Assignment:

The Solid Waste Advisory Committee has been tasked to develop a draft ordinance for presentation to the Mayor and Commission by the end of CY 2019 eliminating plastic bags and Styrofoam containers at points-of-purchase, including at least a 12 month phase-in timeline for community-wide education and distribution of alternative items. The committee should engage with retail and restaurant businesses to identify alternatives for their use of these products. They should also develop a timeline for elimination of these items at events on ACC public property.


  • Abigail West
  • Jared Harper
  • Jenn Dunlop
  • Jere Bowden
  • Larry Dendy
  • Michael Brugger
  • Patrick Davenport, District 1 Commissioner
  • Logan Sullivan
  • Taylor Maddalene
  • Wally Smith