Corridor Studies

What is a Corridor Study?

A corridor study is a planning project that works to define the relationships between a roadway and its adjacent land. Corridor studies are often used to: 

  • Define levels of access and mobility
  • Determine transportation system needs to support surrounding land uses
  • Manage access points
  • Identify deficiencies and promote efficiency within operations
  • Promote redevelopment of an underperforming corridor

Corridor studies can be an effective tool to help assess existing conditions, develop a vision for the future of the corridor, as well as providing relief for transitioning corridors as they change. Benefits of a corridor study may include:

  • Maximization of existing infrastructure
  • Improved safety conditions
  • Development of Coordinated Land Uses
  • Access or mobility improvements
  • Air quality improvements through congestion reduction

- Florida Department of Transportation 

What is the process of conducting a Corridor Study?

Corridor studies are initiated by the Athens-Clarke County Mayor and Commission and conducted by the Planning Department. The Planning Department begins the study by evaluating existing conditions along the corridor and revisiting the results of previous smaller-scale planning efforts in the area to assemble a list of initial observations and recommendations. Often times, the Planning Department will work with the University of Georgia's planning and design programs to help conduct research through field surveys or studio projects. 

After initial research is completed, Planning Staff presents this at public hearings to invite community members to provide feedback, which is then incorporated into the corridor study report. The report takes form in goals, objectives, and strategies on how the Athens-Clarke County Unified Government can obtain those goals with project partners.