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  • Athens-Clarke County Planning and Zoning Encyclopedia: This document lists common planning and zoning terms used locally in Athens, Georgia.
  • Athens-Clarke County Tree Species List: A directory of trees adopted by the mayor and commission listing tree species information, including size, form, habit, and growing requirements, as well as which tree species are approved for planting to satisfy code requirements.
  • Best Management Practices for Trees in Athens-Clarke County: A companion document to the Athens-Clarke County Tree Ordinance, this document offers guidelines and diagrams to promote healthy tree development.
  • Downtown Alternative Compliance Guide: These guidelines were adopted in conjunction with the design standards for development within each downtown character area, including the historic district. They describe the overall vision and design intent of the design standards and provide written and visual examples of how to achieve them.
  • Greenspace Acquisitions: Currently there are two land acquisition programs active within Athens-Clarke County Unified Government Departments: the Georgia Greenspace Initiative and the Athens-Clarke County Greenway Network Plan. The Policies and Procedures for the Greenspace Acquisition Program have combined these two plans and serve as the governing program. This document includes the site nomination form.
  • Open Records Request: To assist our department in completing open records requests as quickly as possible, please provide all of the requested information. Legally privileged information will not be provided.
  • Plans Review Handbook: This document describes the Plans Review process and includes application requirements, code references, and contact information for reviewing departments and agencies.
  • Sealing Documents for Architects and Engineers: These documents contain the Official Code of Georgia’s standards for professionally sealed documents.
  • Subdivision Flowchart: A diagram of the platting and subdivision review process.
  • Submitting Electronic Documents: Electronic plans are required for all Final Plat, Hearings Board, Historic Preservation Commission, Planning Commission, and Plans Review submittals. Drawings may be submitted in either Design Web Format (DWF) or Portable Document Format (PDF). DWF is the preferred format and is required for plan sets over 10 pages in length.
  • Zoning Permit FAQs: This document contains answers to common questions about zoning permit applications and helpful information to guide you through the review process.
  • Zoning Permit Plan Example: An example of a scaled site plan for new single-family residential construction. All zoning permits require a scaled site plan of existing and proposed property improvements.


  • Design Guidelines - Downtown: These guidelines were adopted in conjunction with the designation of a portion of downtown as a local historic district. They provide a set of criteria for the evaluation of proposed changes to the exterior of properties within the local Downtown Historic District.
  • Design Guidelines - General: This document describes the design guidelines for additions, new construction, and other exterior changes to properties in local historic districts.
  • Design Guidelines - Milledge: These guidelines were adopted specifically for the Milledge Avenue Local Historic District and the local landmark properties within that district. Written and visual explanations are provided along with information on the approval procedures for various projects and types of work.
  • Economic Benefits of Historic Preservation: This study by the Historic Preservation Division of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources explores the financial impact of preservation on three Georgia communities: Athens, Rome, and Tifton. The project examines construction activity in historic districts, property values and tourism, and illustrates how preservation is helping cities and towns throughout Georgia.
  • Historic District Maps: Maps of the boundaries of each local historic district. Interactive map of local historic districts
  • Historic District Types - Local vs. National Districts: There are a number of differences between historic designation types, including the protections afforded to the property’s historic resources, the financial resources available, and the organizations responsible for overseeing designations. This document offers a brief explanation of the distinctions.
  • Historic Preservation in Athens: A brief summary of the historic development of Athens and the creation of the Historic Preservation Ordinance and Commission.
  • Infill Plans: Architectural drawings for one-, two-, three-, and four-bedroom / duplex infill houses are available at the Athens-Clarke County Planning Department, and online. Completed as part of a Certified Local Government grant, the premise of this project is that three goals (infill development, affordable housing, and historic preservation) can be combined for the benefit of both individual neighborhoods and the community.
  • Realtor’s Guide to Historic Districts and Landmarks: A question and answer guide about Athens-Clarke County’s local historic districts, designed as an informational brochure with a realtor’s client education needs in mind.

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  • Affordable Housing Survey: An analysis of housing affordability in Athens-Clarke County by the Department of Human and Economic Development.
  • Apartment and Condominium Construction: The information in this document was taken from the Building Permit database in the Athens-Clarke County Building Inspections Department and is current through September 2009.
  • Boulevard Zoning Study: Initially presented as the Director’s Report to the Planning Commission in April 2008, this study analyzes current zoning and development patterns in the Boulevard neighborhood.
  • Building Permits Issued: List of building permits issued in Athens-Clarke County through September 2009 for data and 2008 for charts. This information was provided by the Building Inspections Department.
  • Corridor Management Strategy: The goal of this study was to develop a systematic approach to Athens-Clarke County corridor improvement projects, improve the appearance of corridors, identify gateway opportunities, establish guidelines for development within the right of way, and reinforce the character of Athens-Clarke County. This document was produced by the Jaeger Company.
  • Greenway Network Plan: A document from the Department of Leisure Services adopted in February 2017 outlining the development guidelines and infrastructure plan for the Athens-Clarke County Greenway.
  • Infill Housing Study: This study of infill housing issues in Athens-Clarke County examines design characteristics that can contribute to or detract from the compatibility of new housing in older, traditional neighborhoods. Strategies to achieve harmonious new single-family residential development are examined, including current policies and ordinances as well as potential tools.


  • Zoning Map: The official Zoning Map of Athens-Clarke County, adopted in July 2019. Please note that properties are rezoned periodically and this map may not reflect the accurate zoning of every property. Contact the Planning Department to verify the zoning of a property. This is a large file and may take several moments to load.
  • Future Land Use Map : The official Future Land Use Map of Athens-Clarke County, adopted in July 2018. Please note that future development designations are changed periodically and this map may not reflect the accurate designation of every property. Contact the Planning Department to verify the future development designation of a property. This is a large file and may take several moments to load.
  • Environmental Areas Map: The official Environmental Areas Map of Athens-Clarke County, adopted in May 2019. Please note that environmental areas are amended periodically and this map may not reflect the exact changes. Contact the Planning Department to verify any recent changes. This is a large file and may take several moments to load.
  • Transportation Corridor Concept Map: The official Transportation Corridor Concept Map of Athens-Clarke County, adopted in April 2013. Please note that corridors are amended periodically and this map may not reflect the exact transportation changes. Contact the Planning or Transportation and Public Works Departments to verify any recent or currently planned changes. This is a large file and may take several moments to load.
  • Downtown Character Areas Map: The Commercial-Downtown Design Guidelines and Alternative Compliance Standards each reference different sections of Downtown Athens by their distinguishing Character Area. This map illustrates the various character areas of the Commercial-Downtown zone.
  • Local Historic District Maps: Maps of the boundaries of each local historic district.
  • Neighborhood Notification Initiative Registered Neighborhoods: Map of Athens-Clarke County’s neighborhoods that have registered with the Neighborhood Notification Initiative.

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