Attorney's Office

  1. Judd Drake Named Sole Finalist for Athens-Clarke County Attorney Position

    Mayor Kelly Girtz announces that Judd Drake is the sole finalist for the position of Attorney for the Unified Government. Girtz will recommend Drake's approval at a Special Called Session of the Mayor & Commission on Tuesday, June 18, 2019. Read on...
  2. Athens-Clarke County Attorney Bill Berryman Retiring June 30

    Athens-Clarke County Attorney Bill Berryman is retiring from his position on June 30, 2019 at the conclusion of this fiscal year. Berryman has planned his retirement for several years, having served as Athens-Clarke County’s Attorney since 2003. Read on...
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The attorney’s office provides legal services to the Athens-Clarke County mayor and commission, the manager, constitutional officers, and all other departments and divisions of the Athens-Clarke County Unified Government.

The Athens-Clarke County attorney's office also:

  • Handles legal matters, including prosecuting and defending lawsuits, except for lawsuits covered by liability insurance
  • Researches and drafts ordinances and resolutions to be considered for adoption by the mayor and commission
  • Drafts or reviews all contracts and deeds to be executed by the government
  • Prosecutes violations of the Athens-Clarke County Code of Ordinances
  • Attends all meetings of the mayor and commission, Planning Commission, Historic Preservation Commission, Hearings Board, Board of Tax Assessors, and Board of Equalization
  • Communicates with federal and state agencies to keep the government in compliance with federal and state laws and regulations

Primary Goal

The primary goal of the attorney's office is to provide the legal services needed to serve Athens-Clarke County Unified Government and to ensure that acts of the government are reviewed and are modified to comply with appropriate law(s).


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