Attorney's Office


The attorney’s office provides legal services to the Athens-Clarke County mayor and commission, the manager, constitutional officers, and all other departments and divisions of the Athens-Clarke County Unified Government.

The Athens-Clarke County Attorney's office also:

  • Handles legal matters, including prosecuting and defending lawsuits, except for lawsuits covered by liability insurance
  • Researches and drafts ordinances and resolutions to be considered for adoption by the mayor and commission
  • Drafts or reviews all contracts and deeds to be executed by the government
  • Prosecutes violations of the Athens-Clarke County Code of Ordinances
  • Attends all meetings of the mayor and commission, Planning Commission, Historic Preservation Commission, Hearings Board, Board of Tax Assessors, and Board of Equalization
  • Communicates with federal and state agencies to keep the government in compliance with federal and state laws and regulations
  • Ensures that acts of the government are reviewed and are modified to comply with appropriate law(s).