Appeals Process 

Each year the Board of Tax Assessors sends out assessment notices to every property owner in Athens-Clarke County. These assessment notices notify property owners of the valuation for a particular parcel. The value may change due to new construction, recent market changes, or other factors. The reason for value change will be indicated on the assessment notice along with the appraiser responsible for the change and the date of the notice. Any appeals or questions regarding the assessment notice must be made within 45 days of the notice date.

Notice Concerns

Upon receipt of an assessment notice, the property owner should take the following steps if concerns about the notice exist:

  • Call the assessors office at 706-613-3140 and talk with the appraiser responsible for your notice. The appraiser can explain in detail the reasons for the value change.
  • Make an appeal in writing to the Board of Tax Assessors if a resolution can not be reached. 

Reasons for Appeal

An appeal can be made based on any of the following reasons:

  • Denial of Homestead / Special Use Exemption
  • Uniformity
  • Value

If a property owner files an appeal, one of the following options must be selected:

  • County Board of Equalization (value, uniformity, denial of exemption, or taxability)
  • Arbitration (value)
  • Hearing Officer (value or uniformity, on non-homestead real property or wireless personal property valued, in excess of $500,000)