Mosquito Control Tips


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Mosquito Resources

Athens-Clarke County provides tips and resources to help keep citizens safe during the upcoming months. Mosquitoes that have fed on infected animals can transmit West Nile virus (WNV), La Crosse encephalitis, and a variety of other diseases to humans, wildlife, and domestic animals.

Summary & Presentation
The Athens-Clarke County Public Information Office has created a detailed summary flyer and a presentation that includes tips for controlling mosquitos and important contacts for various problems and concerns. During the mosquito season, the flyer will be inserted in all Athens-Clarke County Public Utilities bills.

Speakers are available to discuss mosquito control issues with community groups. To schedule a speaker, call the Public Information Officer at 706-613-3795.

Prevention & Treatment

  • Eliminating breeding sites is extremely important in reducing the mosquito population. Removing standing water is key. Almost anything that will hold water for as little as one week can produce mosquitoes. When in doubt, dump it out.
  • Overgrown lots and property containing trash or used for dumping will produce mosquito breeding sites. Report nuisance areas to the Athens-Clarke County Code Enforcement Division at 706-613-3790.
  • Larvacide briquets for use in smaller areas of standing water that cannot be eliminated are no longer available at fire stations, but are available for purchase at home and garden stores. These briquets kill mosquito larvae before they become adults.
  • Athens-Clarke County treats standing water that cannot be eliminated only on public property. Some natural areas such as Sandy Creek Nature Center instead use biological methods such as fish or are not treated in order to preserve natural balances. General spraying to kill adults will only be done as a last resort after review. To report public areas that may need treatment, call the Athens-Clarke County Transportation and Public Works Department at 706-613-3465.

For questions not answered here, contact the Athens-Clarke County Public Information Office at 706-613-3795.

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