Affordable Housing

In March 2022 the Athens-Clarke County Mayor and Commission defined five ARPA program areas, including an affordable housing bucket initially funded with $11 million. Since that time additional projects within the affordable housing umbrella have been approved, for a total of $15 million in ARPA funds set aside for affordable housing projects. 

Over the coming decade future affordable housing investments will be guided by a community-wide Affordable Housing Investment Strategy, which is currently under development.The advisory committee for Affordable Housing is composed of Georgia Initiative for Community Housing (GICH) alumni as well as ad hoc members representing local housing organizations. 

Relevant History

March 11, 2020COVID-19 Global Pandemic
March 11, 2021American Rescue Plan (ARPA) signed into law
January 6, 2022U.S. Treasury Releases Final Guidance 
March 1, 2022M&C Approve ARPA Pro Forma - $11M for Affordable Housing
May 17, 2022M&C Allocate $1.73M from ARPA Affordable Housing to North Downtown Athens Project (NDAP)
June 7, 2022M&C Approved Concept for ARPA Affordable Housing Phase I – up to $5.7M
August 2, 2022M&C Approve Housing Affordability Investment Strategy Consultant - $160k
September 6, 2022M&C Allocate $4M Placeholder for NDAP Financing
November 15, 2022M&C Make Additional $4M Allocation to NDAP Permanent
December 6, 2022M&C vote to approve $1.25 million to the Athens Justice and Memory Project (AJMP) Affordable Housing Project
December 13, 2022M&C vote to partially fund six Phase I Affordable Housing proposals, for a total of $6.2 million
June 6, 2023 

M&C vote to approve RFP concept for Athens Justice & Memory Project Preservation of Affordable Housing Projects

Funded Projects

  1. Phase I Affordable Housing
  2. North Downtown Athens Redevelopment Project
  3. Athens Justice and Memory Project Affordable Housing Preservation
  4. Affordable Housing Investment Strategy

Generic house icon with stars  Opens in new window$6.2 million has been allocated to fund six Phase I Affordable Housing projects

  • New construction of affordable homes for purchase by low to moderate income buyers (2 projects)
  • New construction of affordable homes for rent, paired with programming to assist renters in building their savings
  • Repair and weatherization available to low-income homeowners in certain parts of the county (2 projects)
  • Repair and weatherization of a multifamily property