Imagine a Day Without Water

You wake up, shower, make your coffee, feed your family, flush the toilet, wash your laundry. Can you imagine a day without water?  Water, a seemingly unending resource, plays a significant role in our lives, yet the infrastructure needed to supply access to water drop shape filled with words about what we would miss without waterour homes and businesses is often out of sight, and therefore, out of mind.

October 21 was the Value of Water Campaign's annual Imagine a Day Without Water.  On this day, the Athens-Clarke County Public Utilities Department (PUD) invited residents to Jittery Joe's Roaster for a FREE cup of coffee, which is 98% water!  We enjoyed meeting so many friends as we joined others across the nation to take a moment to consider what your day would be like if you couldn't turn on the tap and get clean drinking water.  The water drop to the right shows a few things Athenians said they would miss without water.

What can you do for Imagine a Day Without Water?  Reach out to local politicians to let them know that investment in your water infrastructure is a top priority.  Learn more about where your water comes from and where it goes after it leaves your home.  Read an op-ed about local water.  Here are a few videos to get you started:

Your Drinking Water Quality Report
Tour of the J. G. Beacham Drinking Water Treatment Plant
Tour of the Water Reclamation Facility


To celebrate the value of water and to recognize Imagine A Day Without Water, the Public Utilities Department asked to see a photo of you - or a friend, family member, pet, etc. - with our incredibly amazing drinking water.  We received two dozen submissions to the Water Works Photo contest.  Photographers of all ages and experience levels snapped photos to fill in the blank:  

Water Works. Today. Tomorrow. For ___(fill in with name)___.

We counted your votes, determined the Top 10 photos, and featured them in a TV commercial (video above) to air on Charter TV, ACTV, and social media channels. (OK, we had a tie, so this one goes all the way to 11!).  

2021 Water Works Photo Contest Finalists

  1. A tabby cat shows her tongue while lapping tap water from a sink

    1.  Water Works. Today. Tomorrow. For Pearl.
    Photo by:  Paul Sellew

  2. A young girl in a white dress pretends two glasses of water are getting married

    2.  Water Works. Today. Tomorrow. Forever.
    Photo by:  Amanda White
    "I thought it was cute to say "forever" since its a wedding but the blushing bride is Emory."

  3. Girl does a backbend beside a creek while holding up a glass of water

    3.  Water Works. Today. Tomorrow. For the whole world.
    Photo by:  Iris Sutherland
    "It was a difficult photo, but it was fun, wet, and worth it!"

  4. Lady pulls down blue face mask to drink a cup of tap water

    4.  Water Works. Today. Tomorrow. For Christina.
    Photo by:  Christina Watson

  5. Two girls stand on the back of a horse while holding glasses of water

    5.  Water Works. Today. Tomorrow. For equestrian vaulting.
    Photo by:  Savannah Rose

  6. Young girl with dark hair in pink outfit drinks from green garden hose spray

    6.  Water Works. Today. Tomorrow. For Lauren.
    Photo by:  Paula Boohaker
    "Summertime water fun."

  7. Water on hand

    7.  Water Works. Today. Tomorrow. For Missy.
    Photo by:  Melissa Green
    "Making sure you wash your hands well during this pandemic is very important."

  8. A black and tan schnauzer drinks water from an ice cold bowl

    8.  Water Works. Today. Tomorrow. For Theo.
    Photo by:  Deborah Wall
    "As you can see, the bowl is frosted with cold water. Theo prefers that I keep a cool pitcher of water in the refrigerator to replenish his bowl. :)"

  9. A man in a tie-dye sprays water from a hose over his head - Water is freedom!

    9.  Water Works. Today. Tomorrow. For Jay - water is freedom.
    Photo by:  Jason Jones
    "A delicious hose bath on a hot day is all good because water is freedom, water is everything!"

  10. Baby girl enjoys bath time

    10.  Water Works. Today. Tomorrow. For Juniper.
    Photo by:  Anna Bishop

  11. Tabby cat drinks from faucet

    11.  Water Works. Today. Tomorrow. For Jessie.
    Photo by:  Terri Guy

  12. Two dudes stand outside in shorts after workout with hose spraying

    12.  Water Works. Today. Tomorrow. For Griffin.
    Photo by:  Griffin Potts

  13. A pig encircled with a pink heart stands beside a bowl of water

    13.  Water Works.  Today. Tomorrow. For piggy.
    Photo by:  Ricky Ingram

  14. Four glasses of water with light shining through

    14.  Water Works. Today. Tomorrow. For all shapes & sizes.
    Photo by:  Liz Johnson

  15. A basset hound drinks from a silver fountain at a dog park

    15.  Water Works. Today. Tomorrow. For Zadie.
    Photo by:  Melissa Green
    "Zadie drinking from the water fountain at Wiggly Field at Southeast Clarke Park."

  16. Boy plays with water pouring from a large, outdoor sink

    16.  Water Works. Today. Tomorrow. For James and mom's organic veggie farm.
    Photo by:  John Cooper
    "This is James!  He joined a school trip at his mom's farm @ Woodland Gardens -- city water helps augment wells for watering and cleaning."

  17. Baby sits outside in the spray of an inflatable water toy

    17.  Water Works. Today. Tomorrow. For summer fun.
    Photo by:  Linda Bach

  18. Boy in blue tie-dyes shirt drips water with blue sky behind him

    18.  Water Works. Today. Tomorrow. For Patrick.
    Photo by:  Cynthia Gresham
    "I was also getting soaked during this Field Day activity."

  19. A brown and white dog prepares for a bath in a white farmer sink

    19.  Water Works. Today. Tomorrow. For Ruby.
    Photo by:  Annalea Tillman

  20. roller skate with glass of water

    20.  Water Works. Today. Tomorrow. For roller skaters.
    Photo by:  LAP

  21. Leave This Blank:

Imagine a Day Without Water began in 2015 as a project of The Value of Water Campaign. In 2021, more than 1,000 organizations signed up to participate in the annual day of advocacy and education. 

 The Value of Water Campaign educates and inspires the nation about how water is essential, invaluable, and in need of investment. Spearheaded by top leaders in the water industry, the Value of Water Campaign is building public and political will for investment in America's water infrastructure. Follow the Value of Water Campaign on Twitter and Facebook.