Project 16: Prince Avenue Corridor Improvements

Prince Avenue Lane Closures & Work Zones from June 12-23

Prince Avenue will have temporary lane closures and work zone areas in place during weekdays of June 12-23 to adjust the three-laning infrastructure between Pulaski Street and North Milledge Avenue to a more permanent status from the initial pilot project installation.

Changes will include improvements to the hardware separating the bike lanes, pavement marking updates, and sign installation. Traffic control measures will be in place during the work times. Corridor users may experience some delays during the work and should consider alternate routes during these two weeks.

Prince Avenue 3-Lane Pilot Project Installation Update 

The Athens-Clarke County Unified Government (ACCGov) installed a pilot project beginning in mid-September to change the locally-controlled area of Prince Avenue from a four-lane vehicle road with two vehicle lanes in each direction to a three-lane vehicle road with one vehicle lane in each direction, a center turning lane, two separated bike lanes, and other safety features. The pilot project runs for approximately a half mile from just east of North Milledge Avenue to Pulaski Street. 

An interactive map provides maps of the corridor; details and photos of the new features; before-and-after comparisons of sections of the roadway; project history; and other corridor information.

The 60-day study period ended on November 23, 2022, and the Mayor and Commission voted to make it permanent at the December 13, 2022 Special-called Session. They also approved additional expenditures for additional short-term improvements:

    Relocating the Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB) to the new mid-block crossing near The Bottleworks ($10,000 budget); 

    Removing transit stop improvements at intersection of Prince & Pulaski ($5,000 budget); 

    Add raised pavement markers along the route ($5,000 budget)

    Revise bicycle box on eastbound Prince at Pulaski ($5,000 budget).

    Repair and enhance the Zicla Zipper system to add the B modules into a BAB configuration  and epoxy into the asphalt ($150,000 budget).

    Project Contingency ($25,000 budget)

    Total estimated budget to install short-term improvements is $200,000.  

The Mayor & Commission also authorized staff to enter into the Preliminary Plan Phase for project development process to further investigate and mature the peripheral improvement elements to address long-term safety and operational improvements of this section of Prince Avenue - such as: curb cuts (closing drives/entrances to private/adjoining parcels); different buffer materials; incorporating additional stormwater features for conveyance/treatment; ADA and crosswalk improvements; and intersection Improvements.

TSPLOST Project 16 Details

Prince Avenue Corridor Improvements (TSPLOST 2018 Project 16) includes funding for specific improvements to the Prince Avenue Corridor that are to be approved by Mayor and Commission. 

Potential improvements include, but are not limited to:

  • Landscaped/concrete median(s)
  • Sidewalk & pedestrian area upgrades
  • Mid-block crosswalks
  • Separated bike lanes
  • Intersection, roadway & signal changes

Project Information

TSPLOST Project Statement 

Prince Avenue Corridor Improvements includes funding for specific improvements to the Prince Avenue Corridor that are to be approved by Mayor and Commission. Improvements eligible for the funding include, but are not limited to, landscaped/concrete median(s), additional sidewalks, multi-use trail, separated bike lanes, and intersection improvements at the intersections of N. Milledge Avenue, King Avenue, and Park Avenue/Talmadge Drive.

TSPLOST 2018 Overall Project 16 Budget:  
TSPLOST 2018 Overall Project 16 Budget
Estimated Annual Operating Impact