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1. What is the purpose of the Clayton Street project?
2. What are the benefits of this project?
3. How is this project funded?
4. Is this type of project a new project downtown?
5. Has this project been planned for some time?
6. Who is in charge of the construction?
7. What streets will be affected by this project?
8. How long will this project last?
9. How will this project affect downtown traffic?
10. Will street parking be available during the project?
11. What about special event weekends such as UGA football home games, graduation, or Twilight?
12. What will happen to the trees in the project area?
13. Why are the trees being removed?
14. Will the trees be replaced?
15. When will the trees be removed?
16. Will businesses remain open during the project?
17. What times will workers be present?
18. Does this project include work on the weekends?
19. Is public art part of this project?
20. Are sidewalk cafe changes begin considered?
21. Is trash collection being changed?