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1. When can I water outside?
2. What is Athens-Clarke County doing to control lead in our drinking water?
3. What is a stormwater fee and why do I have to pay it?
4. How often am I billed for water / sewer service?
5. How often are water meters read?
6. Should I continue to pay my water bill if my meter is not functioning properly, I am disputing a balance, or I have an adjustment pending?
7. What happens if my water bill is not paid by the due date?
8. Where can I pay my water bill?
9. Why is my water bill so high?
10. How can I reduce my water bill?
11. We’re using less water but it costs more. Why?
12. Why are there tiered water rates?
13. What is a Winter Average (WA)?
14. What is the monthly customer service fee on my water bill?