Board of Elections

Mission statement of the Athens Clarke County Board of Elections

"The ACC Board of Elections shall serve ALL members of our community; as well as our local, state, and federal governments.  We will be sure to consider and meet the needs of groups of people who have historically been marginalized and oppressed in our community.

 The ACC Board of Elections shall maximize voter & community participation as we ensure access to free and fair elections and protect the integrity of the elections process.

 To accomplish this, the ACC Board of Elections shall: Provide high quality voter education and accurate information, uphold the oaths that we’ve sworn/affirmed, Support Athens-Clarke County Board of Elections staff, and Do anything else that is necessary to accomplish our mission."


The Athens-Clarke County Board of Elections manages voter registration and conducts all elections held in Athens-Clarke County (including the city of Winterville). The board uses the Georgia Elections Code, Georgia State Election Board rules, and U.S. Justice Department regulations as guidelines.

In carrying out its duties, the Board of Elections strives to be of service to every citizen by being fair, nondiscriminatory, and informed on all election laws and legislative changes that will affect their duties and responsibilities to the public.

Contact Us

You can contact the Board of Elections by phone, fax, or email. Please direct your email inquiries to Charlotte Sosebee, Director; Lisa McGlaun, Elections Assistant;  Pamela Long, Elections Assistant or Aletha Perkins, Administrative Assistant.