Rena Durie

Sheriff's Office
Title: Executive Assistant
Phone: 706-613-3250
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2021 Rena Durie

Rena’ Durie was born in Washington, Georgia and raised in Oglethorpe County.  She graduated from Oglethorpe County High School in 1991.  She later obtained a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Degree from Columbia Southern University where she graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2017.  Rena’ is happily married and has two beautiful daughters keeping her young.

Rena’ began her career with the Clarke County Sheriff’s Office in 1995 working as an Intake Clerk on shift for a couple of years before transferring to work in the administrative office at the jail.  During her tenure in the Jail Section, she worked as a GCIC Terminal Agency Coordinator (TAC) ensuring all jail employees completed the necessary training required to operate GCIC terminals.  She also provided training on the Jail Management System to all new employees during new hire orientation classes.  Rena’ worked in the Jail for 16 years before being promoted to Executive Assistant.  This promotion moved her outside of the jail setting into the courthouse setting where she has worked for 10 years.  Her job skills in this role advanced to a Human Resources Management and Purchasing / Accounts Payable specialization rather than the inmate / criminal disposition role that she worked in at the jail.  Her current position involves working with payroll, budget, recruiting and hiring, disciplinary issues, open records and many other tasks that play a vital role in the daily operations of the Sheriff’s Office as a whole.   


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