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Zero Waste Event RETURN - Reuse & Recycling

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  3. Please approximate the time you will pick up the items from us (This is flexible, but gives us an idea of when to have them ready).

  4. Please approximate the time you will drop off the items to us (This is flexible, but gives us an idea of when to expect you). We prefer to have them returned within two weekdays of the event.

  5. I understand that I (or my organization) must return all items as they were when I picked them up from ACCSW. This means that all wares and linens will be washed and returned in good condition in which the next group will use them. I will be charged for any items that are not cleaned and returned to ACCSW on the designated Date of Return.

  6. Please fill out the following boxes with the requested number of items you need for your event. We will do our best to accommodate your requests based on our available inventory.

  7. Please include any questions, comments, suggestions for reusable items we may want to purchase, or ideas for waste reduction at events!

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