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2021 ACCSW Green Life Awards - Business & Industry Waste Reduction Award Nomination Form

  1. Thank you for your 2021 Green Life Award Nomination!

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  3. Submitting a Nomination

    Please complete the attached form and provide details and documentation regarding the criteria noted on the form. The nomination should describe in detail the nature and purpose of the activity undertaken by the nominee, the resulting achievements, and the reasons you believe the nomination to be of merit. Supporting material such as letters of reference and additional information and documentation must be included with this nomination. These awards can be self-nominated. Please note that the judges may reassign a nomination to another category at their discretion.

  4. I, the nominator, pledge that all information in this form is true, to the best of my knowledge. I also allow ACC Government to share project information included in this application with the public and in ACC Government Publications.*

  5. Check the appropriate category for your entry:

  6. Check The Appropriate Category For Your Entry:

  7. Program Summary

  8. Program Description


  10. REUSE

  11. Do you contribute material for reuse when applicable? Check all the organizations you have donated reuse material to in the last year:


  13. Have you verified compliance with the ACC Commercial Recycling Ordinance?

  14. Do you have a buy-recycled policy at your business/industry?

  15. What traditional materials do you currently recycle?

  16. What non-traditional materials do you currently recycle (at CHaRM or through other proper channels)?

  17. Has your organization hosted a Sustainable Industry Roundtable (SIR) meeting?

  18. Do you provide education about your recycling program to new employees as part of an orientation or employee training program?


  20. Do you have a compost program in place at your business/industry?

  21. Additional Program Information

  22. Please describe other aspects of your recycling program using the suggested criteria.

  23. Please share any upcoming related sustainability events (March, April, May)

  24. For additional events from your organization, or from another organization or individual, please list the event title, date, time, description, contact information and event url in this space provided.

  25. Please contact the Athens-Clarke County Recycling Division at (706) 613-3501 x8 or for more information or if you have questions about the Green Life Expo & Awards.

  26. Leave This Blank: