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Residential Curbside Compost Collection Service Interest Form

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  2. Residential Curbside Compost Collection Service Interest Form

    For Athens-Clarke County residents outside the curbside pickup trial zone, who want to have curbside compost collection in the future, please complete this interest form.

    This service would include collection of any compostable materials. Compostable items include, but are not limited to the following items: all food scraps (fruit, vegetables, meat, processed food); hair (pet and human); compostable plant-based products (plates, cups, cutlery, clamshells, plates); wax-coated cardboard. For a complete list of acceptable items, visit In short, anything that used to be alive, except dead animals and feces.

    This curbside service would include (1)32-gallon roll cart with the monthly service fee. Additional 32-gallon roll carts would be available for an additional $5.50 each month service fee.  This service does not include compostable bags. If compost material is in bags, the bags MUST be BPI compostable. If you need assistance with compostable products, including bags, please contact

    Lastly, if you would like to purchase the compost made from your material the ACC Landfill sells compost for $20/cubic yard. For more information on composting at the Landfill, please visit

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  5. Final Instructions & Information

    Thank you for completing the ACCGov Solid Waste Residential Curbside Compost Collection Service Interest Form. If we expand the program, someone from the ACCGov Solid Waste Department will contact you via email. In the meantime, please continue to use one of the a drop-off locations near you:

    1. If you have questions regarding compost services, please call (706) 613-3501 or email
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