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ACC Solid Waste Commercial Dumpster(s) Service Application

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  2. Thank you for considering us, we know you have options and we appreciate the opportunity to earn your business. At the Athens-Clarke County (ACC) Solid Waste Department, we offer a wide variety of trash and recycling collection services to meet your needs. Starting with roll carts and extending into 2 yard to 8 yard dumpsters, we can fulfill your trash and recycling needs easily and efficiently. 

    The ACC Solid Waste Department’s mission is to provide the efficient delivery of integrated material management through comprehensive and innovative collection, disposal, waste reduction and education services.

    This application should be completed and returned to the ACC Solid Waste Dept. Billing Division at least 5 days before you would like service to start.

    The Billing Division is available for any questions you may have and to assist you with selecting the best suited service for your business should your needs change. We can be reached directly at (762) 400-7884 or visit for complete information about the services of the ACC Solid Waste Department.

    Again, thanks for choosing the Athens-Clarke County Solid Waste Department as your provider. We look forward to serving you.


    Veronica Hatfield * ACC Solid Waste Operations Coordinator

    725 Hancock Industrial Way, Athens, Georgia 30605 / 

  3. What size trash(s) dumpster would you like?
  4. What size recycling(s) dumpster would you like?
  5. Dumpster Service Rates

    for the latest information on the monthly fees for trash dumpsters, please go to If you are not a customer of ours but wish to arrange for recycling services from us, the monthly fees for recycling dumpsters, please go to 

  6. Note

    Dumpster recycling services are provided at no additional charge if your business uses our garbage services. As long as there is no trash, construction debris, plastic bags, etc. in the recycling container it will get collected at no additional charge.

  7. Application Agreement

    By my signature below, I hereby declare that I am an official representative of the business or other entity named above and that I am legally authorized to conduct business for said business or other entity; that the base level of service (number of daily or weekly collections) selected herein is in accordance with the requirements of Section 5-2-11 of the Code of Athens-Clarke County for the type and nature of business or other activity for which I am hereby contracting to have solid waste collected; that the dumpster location site is in accordance with the requirements of Section 5-2-16(a)(1) of the Code of Athens-Clarke County; that the business is complaint with the Commercial Recycling Ordinance and/or has submitted the Commercial Recycling Plan in accordance with ACC Ord. Sec. 5-2-14 (i) requires that all businesses and organizations in Athens-Clarke County (1) provide recycling onsite, (2) educate staff and customers regarding recycling and (3) submit a completed Commercial Recycling Plan; that I understand the base fee will be due and payable for each month said business or other entity is in operation at the address herein indicated, that the billing is through the Athens-Clarke County Water Business Office, which may or may not include water/sewer/irrigation charges; regardless of the amount of solid waste collected therefrom; that all solid waste produced by said business or other entity will be collected by the Athens-Clarke County Solid Waste Department; either party may terminate the agreement without penalty, fee, or liquidated damages by providing 30 days’ prior written notice. 

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