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Residential Garbage and Recycling Service Application

  1. Solid Waste Department logo

  2. Residential Garbage and Recycling Service Application

  3. Form MUST be completed 5 days before you move into this location.

  4. I hereby accept responsibility for the garbage bill at:

  5. Mailing address, if different from address above:

  6. Multiple Units?*

  7. Single Family Roll Cart Service (Check One)*

  8. Would you like a recycling roll cart at no extra cost?*

    Recycling is highly encouraged in Athens-Clarke County. Recycling Services are provided at no additional cost to ACC Solid Waste customers. Details available at or 706-400-7873.

  9. What size?

  10. I declare that I am the responsible party for the location listed on this form, and I understand and agree to all of the following guidelines:

  11. All trash is to be put in a bag and placed into a roll cart. Loose trash will not be collected.*

  12. Roll cart lids must close completely*

  13. Anything outside of a roll cart is considered overflow and requires a visible, prepaid overflow sticker*. Without this sticker, bags outside of a roll cart will not be collected.*

    *You can purchase prepaid overflow stickers at these locations:

    • ACC Solid Waste Department, 725 Hancock Industrial Way
    • ACC Water Business Office, 124 E. Hancock Avenue

  14. Roll carts must be placed at the street by 7:30 a.m. on your collection day*

  15. Roll carts must be removed from the curb by noon the day after your collection day*

    For example, if your collection day is Thursday, your roll cart(s) must be removed from the curb by noon on Friday.

  16. Roll carts should be kept two feet (2') from each other and from other obstructions to allow for proper collection*

  17. Roll carts must not be blocked by parked vehicles or other large objects*

  18. Roll carts must be placed at the curb with the handle towards your home to allow for proper collection*

  19. Failure to follow these guidelines could result in your trash and/or recycling not being picked up. A fee of at least $10.00 could be charged to have someone come back to pick up any missed trash/recycling as a result.*

  20. Place only recyclables in the recycling roll cart. *

    When trash or other non-recyclables are put in a recycling roll cart, the recyclable material is considered contaminated and all of the material must be emptied as trash. In these instances, the ACC Solid Waste Department may charge you an additional refuse charge to dispose of the contaminated material. Customers who repeatedly contaminate recycling roll carts will have their recycling roll carts removed.

  21. Do not put yard waste, liquid waste, hazardous waste, and/or construction debris in a roll cart.*

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