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Start Water/Sewer Service in Athens-Clarke County

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  2. LEAVE BLANK - For office use only

  3. Start Water/Sewer Service in Athens-Clarke County

    Welcome to Athens-Clarke County.  We provide reliable water and sewer services to Athens residents.  Please complete the service request form to start water delivery and collection.

    About starting service:

    • We connect service Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and can schedule up to 14 days in advance.  Please allow up to 2 business days to complete.  
    • Same-day service is only available by visiting the Water Business Office in person Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.  There is an additional $15 convenience charge for same-day service. 
    • Any applications received outside our hours of operation (8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.) are considered a next-day start.  Unfortunately, we cannot schedule a specific time of day to start service.
    • Payment of a $50 water deposit and a $10 service fee will be added to the first month's bill.  A deposit for trash services will also be added to applicable accounts.  
    • We do not connect on standard holidays, weekends, or after regular business hours.  We can schedule connections by calendar date only.  Because our technicians' routes are determined each morning based on the previous day's orders, we cannot set hourly schedules.
    • You must provide a copy of a valid government photo ID to process your request.
    • If renting the property, you must include a copy of the first and last page of the signed lease.    
  4. Are you starting new service or transferring service?*
  5. Enter address for where water service is needed

  6. If a business, please include the name of the business.

  7. Please include tax ID number if a business.

  8. Please enter MM/DD/YYYY

  9. Please enter MM/DD/YYYY

  10. Please enter MM/DD/YYYY
    Enter N/A if not transferring service

  11. Is this an existing location or new construction?*
  12. Have you had water/sewer services with Athens-Clarke County before?*
  13. Complete if the billing address is different from the service location

  14. Please select the one that describes you:*
  15. Type of Service Location*
  16. In some neighborhoods, ACC Solid Waste provides trash services billed through the water bill. If your address is within the covered service area, a representative will notify you.
  17. Complete if you are transferring service

  18. I understand there is a $50 deposit and a $10 service fee to start residential water/sewer service. *
  19. By submitting this application for water/sewer service for the above location, I hereby acknowledge responsibility for payment of billed services.*
  20. I understand there is a $15 convenience charge for same-day starting of service, acknowledging service may not be started on a weekend or holiday.
  21. I understand water accounts are billed on a monthly basis.*
  22. I understand failure to receive a bill does not eliminate my responsibility to pay for the premise's accumulated water and sewer charges.*
  23. I understand it is my responsibility to contact the ACC Water Business Office to terminate service. I acknowledge responsibility for all water use at the above premises while account remains in my name.*
  24. We look forward to providing you with the water & sewer services on which we depend.

    Your deposit (refuse if applicable) for service will be on your first bill. It generally takes 30-45 days from your service start date to receive your first bill, and then billing is monthly after that. Online access to your account is unavailable until the first bill has been generated. Please get in touch with Customer Service @ 706-613-3500 for questions or further assistance.

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