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Start Water/Sewer Service in Athens-Clarke County

  1. Start Water/Sewer Service in Athens-Clarke County

    Welcome to Athens-Clarke County. We provide reliable water and sewer services to Athens residents. Please complete the service request form to get started with water delivery and collection.

    A valid, government-issued photo ID must accompany this form to process requests. Payment of deposit fees must also be made prior to the connection of service.   

    Due to increased service requests, same-day service is only available by visiting the Water Business Office in person from July 15 - August 15.  Starting service the same day as the request is available with an additional $15 convenience charge; however, no services will be scheduled on weekends or holidays. Unfortunately, we cannot schedule a specific time of day to start service.

  2. Are you starting new service or transferring service?*
  3. Is this an existing location or new construction?*
  4. Have you had water/sewer services with Athens-Clarke County before?*
  5. Please select the one that describes you:*
  6. Type of Service Location*
  7. In some neighborhoods, ACC Solid Waste provides trash services billed through the water bill. If your address is within the covered service area, a representative will notify you.
  8. Enter address for where water service is needed

  9. Complete if the billing address is different from the service location

  10. I understand there is a $50 deposit and a $10 service fee to start residential water/sewer service. A customer service representative will call to take payment over the phone after service request is processed and approved.*
  11. By submitting this application for water/sewer service for the above location, I hereby acknowledge responsibility for payment of billed services.*
  12. I understand there is a $15 convenience charge for same-day starting of service, acknowledging service may not be started on a weekend or holiday.
  13. I understand water accounts are billed on a monthly basis.*
  14. I understand failure to receive a bill does not eliminate my responsibility to pay for the premise's accumulated water and sewer charges.*
  15. I understand it is my responsibility to contact the ACC Water Business Office to terminate service. I acknowledge responsibility for all water use at the above premises while account remains in my name.*
  16. We look forward to providing you with the water & sewer services on which we depend.

    Due to increased service requests received from July 15 - August 15, processing times are delayed.  A customer service representative will contact you to approve your request and collect a deposit before water service starts. Please contact our Water Business Office at 706-613-3500 for further assistance.

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