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Little Lily Reservation

  1. Little Lily's Pad Hop is a unique learning tool to increase literacy, encourage family involvement, and promote water conservation practices. Everything you need to successfully manage this project - certificates, books, Little Lily, and other goodies throughout the year - is supplied by the ACC Water Conservation Office. Little Lilys are limited, so hop to it and reserve yours today!

  2. A teacher guide is available to guide you through the Little Lily project. In what format would you like the guide?

  3. Would you like materials in Spanish when available?

  4. We will provide you a digital Little Lily that can be emailed home to students, printed, colored and cut-out and/or we can provide you with a little frog toy for each student. You would be responsible for distributing the frog to the students. Which would you prefer?

  5. Each month we will provide Froggie Care Packages. Each care package is themed with a goodie for the students and for the parents. We will provide monthly digital Froggie care packages OR we can deliver physical Froggie care package items to your school. You would be responsible for distributing the Froggie care package items to the students. Would you prefer either or both of these?

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