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Public Meeting Survey

  1. Department Public Meeting Survey

    Please provide information about possible upcoming public meetings that need to take place between April 6 - May 29. Contact Jeff Montgomery at 762-400-6262 or with any questions.

  2. Please answer the following questions for each meeting indicated:
    - Does the meeting have to happen before shelter-in-place restrictions are lifted or could it be postponed for a few months?
    - What is the date of the upcoming meeting(s)?
    - Could the meeting involve producing a video of a presentation and soliciting public comment afterwards without the need for it being live? This could also involve a follow-up video or providing answers to questions received.
    - Will the meeting require public input during the meeting or could comment be required for online submission or by phone prior to or after the meeting? (If you are not sure, please indicate so.)
    - Does the meeting require any special kind of of in-person public comment?
    - How many people would be part of the meeting (not counting members of the public)?
    - Does your department have a staff member who could remotely monitor / moderate the meeting participants and who would not be involved in the meeting itself?
    - Are there any other special factors to consider with this meeting?

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