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Volunteer Program Application

  1. Thank you for your interest in the Athens-Clarke County Police Volunteer Program. There are many reasons to volunteer and just as many personal benefits to gain. It give you an excellent opportunity to learn more about law enforcement in your community and to help the police department fight crime.

    To submit your online application please complete the information below. You will be contacted by the Volunteer Coordinator soon.

  2. Are you eligible to work in the US either because you are a US Citizen or you have US Government permission to do so?


  3. Presently employed?

  4. Have you received any traffic violations in the past three years?*

  5. Have you (since age 18) been convicted of or plead guilty or no contest to a misdemeanor or felony crime?*

  6. An applicant convicted of a criminal offense involving the manufacture, distribution, trafficking, or sale of a controlled substance, dangerous drugs or marijuana, or convicted of any felony involving a violent crime such as assault with a deadly weapon, aggravated assault or murder are ineligible to volunteer with the Athens-Clarke County Police. Such applicants shall be automatically rejected. Applicants convicted of any other crime will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Any misstatements or omissions of material facts in the application may be cause for dismissal.

  7. List at least two references (either personal or professional). Give complete name, address and telephone number(s) of your references.

  8. Thank you for taking the time to submit your information to the Athens-Clarke County Police Volunteer Program. The Volunteer Coordinator will contact you.

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