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Comprehensive Plan 2018 Comment Form

  1. Comprehensive Plan 2018

    Athens-Clarke County will soon begin a required update to the community-wide Comprehensive Plan. This document serves as a main source for identifying an agreed upon vision, goals, policies, needs, opportunities, and work program over the next 10 years. Although technically a separate effort, the Comprehensive Plan was strategically scheduled to commence in cooperation with Envision Athens, a similar study presently underway. Envision Athens takes a broader approach to community and economic development, while the Comprehensive Plan has set criteria that must be addressed in hopes of providing a collective outline for achieving initiatives highlighted in the plan. The overall result entails both a Comprehensive Plan and Service Delivery Strategy that will in turn serve as the first example of how organizations like ACCUG can look to Envision Athens for agreed upon community values and align their respective master plans with those of the community as a whole.

    Thank you for your interest in the 2018 Athens-Clarke County Comprehensive Plan. Given that this document sets a strategy for the future of the community, it is vital that every citizen have an opportunity to contribute to the overall success of the plan. Please take a moment to answer the following questions so that your input may be considered as the plan is developed.

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