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Volunteer Opportunity: Time Slots

  1. Time Slots

    Time slots are perfect for volunteer opportunities that require people to sign up for different shifts. These shifts can be at different times or they can all be at the same time, but each shift is doing something different. For example, if your facility needs volunteers from 8am to 8pm and you want volunteers to sign up for 2 hour shifts, then you will want to create a Time Slot Event. You could also use the Time Slot event for an event where you create 3 shifts, all at the same time, but all doing something different (sign in table, parking, concessions, crafts, games, etc). Time Slot Events will be posted online to your Event Registration webpage for volunteer registration.

  2. If further instructions are needed to find the event

  3. Please describe the event not volunteer duties

  4. ie: Trail Guide, Docent, After-school Mentor, Special Event/ Program, etc.

  5. This optional field is not displayed as part of the event registration process and may be used to annotate event specific details that are needed for internal coordination or communication purposes. The notes are only visible by admin, group leaders and event leaders.

  6. Confirmation messages will automatically have date, time and contact details provided. This optional field allows you to specify additional information on the registration confirmation email message for this specific event.

  7. 1 - unlimited

  8. 1 - unlimited

  9. 1 - unlimited

  10. 1 - unlimited

  11. 1 - unlimited

  12. 1 - unlimited

  13. 1 - unlimited

  14. 1 - unlimited

  15. 1 - unlimited

  16. 1 - unlimited

  17. Send Automatic Reminder to Volunteer*

  18. Automatically Close Registration*

  19. Show on Web Registration Page:*

  20. Display the following items on the event sign-in sheet for this event:

    System default is name, phone, email

  21. The following section is for registration restrictions. These are optional

  22. Restrict Registration To

  23. ie: Cleared Background Check, etc

  24. Limit visibility of this event to Volunteers who are eligible to register for this event because of their assigned values:

    ie. only those who have a cleared background check status can see the event and register

  25. ie: Mammal Care 1, Docents, etc.

  26. Limit visibility of this event to Volunteers who are eligible to register for this event because of their group membership

    ie. only Docents can see the event and register

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