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Volunteer Opportunity: Service Project

  1. Service Projects

    Service Projects are used to track and manage volunteer service hours for specific projects/programs that are on-going and not necessarily associated with a specific date and time. Service Projects allow volunteers to input their own service hours as they occur, either online or through a sign-in console on-location. For example, if your organization has an ongoing mentoring program where volunteers come and mentor at different times or days each week, then you will want to create a Service Project. Instead of establishing a normal event every time a mentor volunteers, they will be able to log in weekly and record the date and number of hours they spent volunteering. Additionally, Service Project opportunities will be posted on their own Service Project webpage, different than your Event Registration webpage.

  2. 1 to unlimited

  3. ie: Trail Guide, Docent, After-school Mentor, Special Event/ Program, etc.

  4. Would you like to approve Service Projects before they can volunteer?*

  5. Would you like to display service project dates?*

  6. How would you like volunteers to log their service project hours?*

  7. This optional field is not displayed as part of the event registration process and may be used to annotate event specific details that are needed for internal coordination or communication purposes. The notes are only visible by admin, group leaders and event leaders.

  8. Confirmation messages will only be sent to volunteers for service projects if you say that you do NOT need to approve service projects before they can volunteer. The confirmation messages will automatically have date, time and contact details provided. This optional field allows you to specify additional information on the registration confirmation email message for this specific event.

  9. Display the following items on the event sign-in sheet for this event: Default is name, phone, and email

  10. Show on Web Registration Page:*

  11. The following section is for registration restrictions. These are optional.

  12. Limit visibility of this event to Volunteers who are eligible to register for this event because of their group membership

    ie: Only Docents can see Docent events, etc

  13. Limit visibility of this event to Volunteers who are eligible to register for this event because of their assigned values:

    ie: Only those who have been assigned as cleared background screening can view the event listing

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