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Master Composter/Gardener Requests for Schools

  1. Master Gardener/Composter Request Form
    Schools that need a Master Gardener or Composter to help at their school can provide information about the opportunity here. Information will be listed to certified Master Composters and Gardeners available to volunteer at your school. You will be contacted when we have a volunteer for you!
  2. My school needs a:
  3. I need a Master Gardener or Composter to:
  4. Please give us an idea of the times you have available (time of workday, class time, best meeting time). Please be as specific as possible to help us better locate a volunteer. A range of available times is fine!
  5. Let us know any other details about what you are looking for help doing. Be aware, Master Gardeners and Composters can not get credit for doing garden work (you can't request 5 Master Gardeners to attend a workday). Volunteers are available to lead workdays, provide gardening and composting expertise, and provide educational programming.
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