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      Each road is rated on a scale of one to four with one being the least littered and four representing an extreme amount of litter. The amount of litter on each section of road can vary greatly from day to day, which is why the more citizen responses we get the closer we will be to capturing a true score for each district.

    3. ONE = "No Litter"

      Virtually no litter can be observed. The scorer has to look to see any litter, perhaps a very occasional litter item or two in a city block, or equivalent. Any litter seen could be quickly collected by one individual. The entire area has a generally neat and tidy appearance; nothing grabs the eye as being littered or messy.

    4. TWO = "Slightly Littered"

      Upon careful inspection, a small amount of litter is obvious to the scorer. The litter in the area could be collected by one or two individuals in a short period of time. While the area has a small amount of litter, the eye is not continually grabbed by the litter.

    5. THREE = "Littered"

      Visible litter can be readily seen throughout the sub-area, likely requiring an organized effort for removal. This area is is "littered" and clearly needs to be addressed.

    6. FOUR = "Extremely Littered"

      A continuous amount of litter level is one of the first things noticed about the sub-area. Major illegal dumpsites might be seen in the sub-area, requiring equipment and/or extra manpower for removal. There is a strong impression of a lack of concern about litter in the sub-area.

    7. Participant Information