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2017-18 Green School Activity Form

  1. Use this form to apply for credit for the ACC Green School Program. This form is for individual teacher credits only. Activities that include the entire school (recycling programs, assemblies, school events, etc.) will be submitted by the Green School Coordinator.

  2. Please enter the email(s) of all the teachers participating in the activity.

  3. Date the activity took place

  4. Credit if for:*

  5. Grade Level(s) Participating

  6. If you used a lesson from a source outside of Athens-Clarke County Government, you can include a link.

  7. Briefly describe what the students planted.

  8. To receive credit for a litter cleanup, please let us know- How many bags of trash you collected. How many bags of recycling. How many hours the cleanup took.

  9. Please record the presenter's name and organization.

  10. Please note the number of volunteers and hours worked.

  11. Please note the title and author of the text.

  12. Please record location/host and a brief description of tour.

  13. Please note lesson name and source. You may include a link.

  14. Add anything extra that you need to let us know here!

  15. Leave This Blank:

  16. This field is not part of the form submission.