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ACCGov Employees Skills Assessment

  1. ACCGov Employees Skills Assessment

  2. Please complete this form if you are a non-emergency employee or otherwise in a position to assist Athens-Clarke County keep essential functions operational. You may be given tasks from another department so please answer as completely as possible.

  3. For ACCGov to reach you; it will not be given out

  4. Can you answer questions and have conversations with residents in a language other than English?*

  5. Have you ever worked for another department within ACCGov?*

  6. Are you willing to help answer resident calls and questions to the ACCGov COVID-19 hotline?*

    This would be accomplished with using the Jabber software; instructions will be conveyed to selected employees.

  7. Are you available and comfortable to distribute print materials to a provided list of locations in town?

  8. Please be as accurate as possible with your answers.

  9. Are you comfortable reporting to an ACCGov work site to keep essential functions operating ?

  10. What Equipment do you have to work from Home?

  11. How would you rate your home internet?

  12. Do you have access to Eden?*

  13. Please rank your skills:

  14. Phone call fielding*

    Like in a remote call center layout.

  15. Using Excel or Inputting Data *

  16. Using Word or Typing reports*

  17. Researching Information & finding resources*

  18. Project Management*

  19. Financial Information*

  20. Customer Service & Networking*

  21. Social Media & Website Maintenance*

  22. What is your availability?

  23. Days of the Week that you are available*

    Please select all that apply

  24. Time of Day you are available*

  25. Leave This Blank:

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