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Application for Athens-Clarke County Community Tree Council - Fall 2020

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  2. Applications due by Sunday, December 6, 2020 at 11:59 p.m.

    For more information about the Community Tree Council, visit

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  5. Have you ever been convicted of a felony?*

  6. Do you as an individual or the owner of any business have any past due obligations owed to the Unified Government of Athens-Clarke County, such as past due taxes, stormwater fees, utility bills, or fines?*

  7. Use this space to note any relevant experience. Please list the beginning and end dates of service for each item.

  8. Please list the beginning and end dates of service for each item.

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    By signing below, I confirm that I am informed and I understand the obligation and commitment required by this position. By my signature below, I am also indicating my agreement to follow all applicable requirements of the Georgia Open Records Act and the Georgia Open Meetings Act.

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    Disclosure Georgia law restricts disclosure by the government of unlisted phone numbers, personal email addresses and cell phone numbers and day and month of birth. This information will not be used in Athens-Clarke County publications or websites related to the board, authority or commission to which you are applying unless you consent in writing to such use.

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    to the use of some or all of the following information in publications or websites related to the board or authority to which I have applied: unlisted phone numbers, personal e-mail addresses and cell phone numbers, and day and month of birth.

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