Why does the project end before Whitehall Road?

This was the most reasonable place to end the bike lanes through the resurfacing project. Based on the recently completed Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan, these bike lanes would not extend to Whitehall Road, but would cut the corner to the southern segment of Barnett Shoals Road and likely become a sidepath (roadside greenway) toward Old Lexington Road, providing improved bicycle access for those neighborhoods as well.

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1. Why are you considering changes to Barnett Shoals Road?
2. Why Barnett Shoals Road?
3. Was a traffic study done before these temporary bike lanes were installed?
4. Why were the bike lanes done on just one side?
5. Why does the project end before Whitehall Road?
6. Why was it done as a temporary project?
7. Have other cities completed temporary bicycle projects?
8. Does my input matter?