What will the process look like to complete the plan?

The staff effort so far is just the first step. Because we work so closely with these subject areas, we recognize our community can't be successful in these areas without the contributions of our non-profits, businesses, volunteers, and citizens.

Through the spring and summer of 2018, we will engage with community stakeholders on the eleven subject areas. Following this input, we will compile and refine feedback to develop a plan that more broadly describes the contributions of stakeholders across the community. Ultimately, this compiled data will be converted to a narrative format and shared with the public for additional feedback and editing. It will take up to a year to complete this process.

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1. What is the sustainability plan?
2. Why has Athens-Clarke created the sustainability plan?
3. How will the sustainability plan be different from other plans?
4. So what happens to all of the other plans?
5. What has happened so far?
6. What will the process look like to complete the plan?