How will the sustainability plan be different from other plans?

There are a couple of things that set this process apart from other ongoing efforts. They include:

  • Timeline - To be bold in our visioning, many of our draft goals have a 2050 target date. This is substantially longer than other community planning efforts. The draft sustainability plan also includes a short-term actions list that describes what steps are needed over the next five years to make progress towards a given goal. Some of these actions are much more specific than those covered in other plans.
  • Scope – As a result of the project charge, items related to transportation, infrastructure, and the environment are very detailed in the sustainability plan. While the comprehensive plan may address items related to the environment and agriculture, the sustainability plan is proposed to have six different chapters that work within this space. Alternatively, items like arts, culture, and education are not proposed to be standalone chapters in the draft sustainability plan.
  • Framework – By documenting previous efforts and starting our development with subject stakeholders, we aim to provide context for each goal and its associated actions. By doing so, we hope to provide a more complete vision of where we are and where we are going. We believe this will be more targeted in our citizen engagement than if the process started with open ended questions like “what would you like to see…..”.

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1. What is the sustainability plan?
2. Why has Athens-Clarke created the sustainability plan?
3. How will the sustainability plan be different from other plans?
4. So what happens to all of the other plans?
5. What has happened so far?
6. What will the process look like to complete the plan?