Which communities will the Firefly Trail connect?

Its northern terminus is on East Broad Street in Athens and its southern terminus will be in downtown Union Point. The trail will pass through three counties – Athens-Clarke, Greene and Oglethorpe – and connect, from north to south, Athens, Winterville, Arnoldsville, Crawford, Stephens, Maxeys, Hutchins, Woodville and Union Point. It will also connect numerous businesses, churches, parks and schools to nearby neighborhoods, creating safe routes for active transportation.

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1. What is the Firefly Trail?
2. What is a rail-trail?
3. Which communities will the Firefly Trail connect?
4. What benefits do trails provide?
5. What is the status of trail development?
6. What is the history of the Athens Branch?
7. Is the corridor intact?
8. What about crossing Trail Creek?
9. How much will it cost to build the Firefly Trail?
10. Where will the money come from to build it?
11. Are other trails proposed for Northeast Georgia?
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