How does “Plans Review” work?

Every Tuesday at noon is the submittal deadline. We send out the agenda (the plans we received that week) to all of the reviewers, and then post the plans digitally into the computer system. Paper copies are made available to the departments that require them. Then, staff from reviewing departments (Building Inspections, Public Utilities, Planning, Transit, etc.) looks at the plans and make sure that what is proposed meets the different codes and requirements for each reviewer. Comments from the reviewers are sent out to the contact person for the project and then discussed at the Plans Review meeting.

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1. How does “Plans Review” work?
2. How do I know if my project requires Plans Review?
3. Do I have to attend the Plans Review meeting?
4. I submitted for Plans Review, but my plans weren’t approved. Now what?
5. I feel lost. What other resources are available to help out in the Plans Review process?