Q: What is the Waste Minimization Fee?

A: In many communities, a Waste Minimization, Education or Franchise Fees are fees levied upon solid waste service providers (both public and private) to help defray the cost of the waste reduction programs in their community. Regardless of the name, these fees are typically used to help local governments fund waste reduction infrastructure and education. The ACCUG Waste Minimization Fee was approved in Oct., 2011 and is used to defray costs associated with program management of the waste reduction goals approved by the Mayor and Commission. The ACCUG Waste Minimization Fee is collected quarterly from the franchised solid waste service providers, both public and private, in the USD and GSD for both residential and commercial customers. The fee is $0.60/month/residential unit and $1.60/month/commercial entity and is shown as a separate line item on the garbage bill.

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