Is there assistance for transportation costs associated with ACC school buses?

Through funding raised by Athens-Clarke County Green School Programs, assistance is available for transportation costs to our sites for Athens-Clarke County schools. The financial assistance applies to costs associated with a bus driver's hours and mileage from the bus depot to school, school to our site, site to your school, and school to bus depot. We cannot assist with costs incurred for additional mileage or bus driver hours if the school group visits other locations (e.g. visit a park for lunch). Please contact the Water Conservation Office for more details. A copy of the transportation invoice received by the individual Athens-Clarke County School should be sent to the ACC Water Conservation Office, 124 E. Hancock Ave, Athens, GA 30601 to receive assistance following the field trip.

Athens-Clarke County Green School Programs

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1. Why visit the Drinking Water Treatment Plant?
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13. Is there assistance for transportation costs associated with ACC school buses?
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