Is it possible for two conflicting directions of traffic at a signalized intersection to receive green lights at the same time?
It is actually not possible for two conflicting movements of traffic to have green and/or yellow lights at the same time. There are a number of safety features that prevent this exact condition from occurring. Even if these features were to fail and the controller of the intersection were to try to have conflicting movements green at the same time, there is another piece of equipment called a “conflict monitor” that is designed specifically to detect and prevent this from occurring. If the conflict monitor “sees” a potential conflict, it puts the entire intersection into flashing operation, and the intersection will stay that way until a technician has been able to fix the problem.
As everyone knows, a yellow light appears after a green light. When a particular movement goes from yellow to red, the entire intersection remains red for a selected amount of time before the next movement receives a green light. This also allows any vehicles that entered the intersection on a yellow (not red) light to safely clear the intersection before the next vehicles receive a green light to proceed. We appreciate any reports of damaged traffic signal equipment, since it is impossible to actively monitor each signalized intersection on a continuous basis. If you do know of any traffic signal indications that may be rotated or not showing an indication (LED burn out), please call Traffic Engineering at 706-613-3460.

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