So how does Athens-Clarke County time its traffic signals?
The objective of traffic signal timing is to alternate the right-of way between traffic in such a manner as to minimize average delay to all traffic while ensuring a safe operation.

The majority of traffic signals in ACC are designed to be either traffic responsive or part of a traffic signal system. Traffic responsive traffic signals are designed to adjust their patterns based on traffic demand. These systems work well, but are limited to locations where we can communicate with the traffic signals from our office. Typically, ACCTE will use traffic counts that have been taken at the intersection to model the traffic signal operation and determine the preset maximum time. Timing for traffic signals that are part of a traffic signal system is typically designed to progress groups of vehicles along a corridor. The department uses traffic modeling software along with traffic counts to determine appropriate traffic signal timings to progress these groups of vehicles along a corridor. Once timing has been programmed for the traffic signal, we will observe traffic flow and further adjust the traffic signal timing to accommodate site-specific issues as needed.

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