Why do I have to wait so long at a traffic signal?
The reason is that many of the arterials in Athens-Clarke County are time coordinated. The goal of coordination is to get the greatest number of vehicles through the system with the fewest stops in a comfortable manner. Therefore, in traffic signal coordination the busiest traffic movements are given precedence over the smaller traffic movements. Once you have entered into the coordinated arterial you should notice more free flowing traffic and a reduction in delay. If you are waiting for a green light to cross the "coordinated" street where there is heavy traffic, you will probably feel like you are waiting for a very long time. In reality, most of ACC's traffic signals require a driver to wait less than 120 seconds and no more than 160 seconds. If you experience unusual timing at an intersection or have questions regarding the particular timing at an intersection, please contact Traffic Engineering at (706) 613-3460 or use one of the links to contact us by e-mail.

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4. Why do I have to wait so long at a traffic signal?
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