How do I get recycling bins?

Recycling roll carts and bins are reserved for residential customers who pay for monthly garbage and recycling services through Athens-Clarke County Solid Waste Department (our service area is the Urban Service District - old Athens city limits). We just need your address and our customer service representative will drop them off for you. If you live outside the Urban Service District in the General Service District and receive trash service from a private trash hauler, please contact the private hauler for bins. They are required to provide bins for recycling when requested.

If you don’t have trash service or you live in an apartment complex (multi-family dwelling), you may use one of our eight drop-off sites for recycling, and we can send you two large green reusable recycling tote bags (20 inches tall by 20 inches wide with a 12-inch gusset / bottom). There is no charge for the bags. We can mail the bags if provided a physical address to mail them. You can also come and pick them up from the KACCB office or the Athens-Clarke County Recycling Facility. The bags are washable, but not suitable for machine drying.

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