Who decides who will be the administrator?
There are two options:
  • The heirs may unanimously select the person who will serve. If all the heirs agree on who should be the Administrator, then fill in that person's name on page 1 (Part 2) and on page 4 of the Standard Form 3. Also all the heirs must sign the Selection by Heirs portion on page 4 of Standard Form 3. If the heirs live in different places, you may make several copies of page 4 and have each heir sign a copy and have the signature notarized and file all the separate copies.

  • If the heirs can't agree on who should serve, the Probate Court will choose the administrator. In making this selection, the Probate Court will consider, but is not required to choose, the decedent's spouse, heirs, a person selected by a majority of the heirs, a creditor, or other eligible persons. Even if the heirs cannot agree unanimously, the person who files the petition can fill in a suggested name on page 1 of Standard Form 3, but the Probate Court is not required to appoint that person.

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