What happens next, after emergency admission to the hospital?
An initial evaluation will be performed within 48 hours of the patient's admission. If the evaluating physician certifies that the patient meets the standards for inpatient treatment, the patient can be kept up to five more days in the hospital against his/her will. If another physician or psychologist along with the chief medical officer of the evaluating facility concur with the evaluating doctor's determination, then the person may be kept in the facility beyond the seven-day period, provided Involuntary Treatment Standards are initiated during that time.

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1. What if my family member or the person that I'm concerned about refuses treatment and is causing serious problems?
2. Is there any other way to have a person admitted involuntarily to a hospital on an emergency basis?
3. What happens next, after emergency admission to the hospital?
4. When does Probate Court have jurisdiction over this type of case?
5. What if the person has not yet reached the crisis stage and is not an immediate danger to herself or someone else?
6. What happens if the court rules that an evaluation is warranted?
7. How long can the court-ordered treatment last?
8. What is the procedure for appealing the judge's decision?