Are you open on holidays?

We are not open on holidays recognized by the Unified Government of Athens-Clarke County.

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1. If the physical office is closed due to COVID-19. How do I contact my officer?
2. What are the acceptable forms of payment?
3. What time does the office open / close? When do the reports start?
4. Where is the office located? What is it near?
5. How do I make out the money order?
6. What is your mailing address?
7. How do I find a substance abuse evaluator in my area?
8. What time / date / place / duration / cost is the Victim Impact Panel (VIP)? What do I have to take with me?
9. Are you open on holidays?
10. What is your fax number?
11. Are you felony probation? What is that phone number / location?
12. Can a friend / relative bring in my payment?
13. Can I fax in a payment?
14. Can you recommend a DUI school?
15. Do you accept credit or debit cards for payment?