How can I volunteer?

Leisure Services use volunteers in a variety of roles. Learn more about volunteer opportunities through Leisure Services.

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1. How do I obtain a Program and Events Guide?
2. Does Leisure Services have dog parks?
3. Is there a cost to visit the parks?
4. Where are the pools?
5. When are the pools open?
6. When are the splash pads open?
7. How much does it cost to go to a pool or a splash pad?
8. When is summer camp information posted?
9. When does summer camp registration take place?
10. How do I apply to work at a camp?
11. Are dogs allowed in the parks?
12. Is there a charge to visit a dog park?
13. What facilities have walking paths / trails?
14. How do I report a maintenance concern or problem at a park, playground, or any Leisure Services facility?
15. How do I register for a program?
16. Is online registration available?
17. Are programs open to those who are not Athens-Clarke County residents?
18. How do I withdraw from a program?
19. Are refunds allowed?
20. How can I volunteer?
21. How can my organization volunteer for a park cleanup day?
22. How do I rent a picnic pavilion?
23. How do I rent a meeting room?
24. How to I Rent the Mobile Stage (formerly the Showmobile)?
25. Are scholarships available for the programs you offer?
26. How do I apply for a scholarship?
27. When are the splash pads open?