What is the process for adoption?

ACC Animal Services Adoption Process:

All adoptions are done on a first come, first served basis in the timestamped order that a potential adopter submitted the online application.

All animals that come in as ‘stray’ are placed on a 5-day hold in hopes that the original owner will come reclaim their pet. During this 5-day window, no animal on a stray hold may be adopted or transferred, however anyone interested in a specific pet may place an adoption application on this animal through their Petango profile on our webpage.

All available pets may be viewed here: https://www.accgov.com/257/Available-Pets

When a potential adopter sees an animal they are interested in, they must click on the picture, and then click on the large orange tab that says: “Interested in this Animal? Click here!” That application will be submitted directly to us online and our Adoption Center Supervisor will call to set up an appointment.

When an animal comes off of their 5-day stray hold, they are made available to adopters and rescue groups. If an animal comes off of a stray hold with no previous applications, the pet will be available to the first interested adopter or rescue group. No available animals are held active once an adopter or rescue group has been approved and finalized the adoption/transfer process.

It is recommended to anyone interested in a highly adoptable pet, that already has adoption applications before theirs, that they call before their appointment to ensure that pet is still available.

All dogs and cats must be altered before they can leave with their adopter. ACCAS will transport the pet to and from the clinic for their spay/neuter surgery, and the adopter may pick up from the Adoption Center post-surgery.

Anyone interested in meeting a pet or walking through the Adoption Center must make an appointment first by calling 706-613-3540.

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