What is the process for hiring police officers?

APPLY NOW to become a police officer with ACCPD!  We are an Equal Opportunity Employer looking for highly qualified, diverse candidates to serve as guardians of the Athens community.  Our philosophy is that we are best equipped to serve the community when our Department reflects the community it serves.  That is why our recruiting team is working hard to seek out a diverse grouping of men and women from within our own community.  Please contact our Recruitment Supervisor if you have any questions about the application process.  We look forward to hearing from you soon.   

Every prospective employee undergoes an extensive background investigation process which can take several months to complete. The process looks at past employment history, education, military service, criminal history, and other aspects of an individual’s past.  This process includes psychological, physical, and polygraph examinations.  The purpose of the process is to know as much about the person being hired as possible.  Our Department only hires the most qualified candidates, and all files are thoroughly reviewed through the chain of command and the Chief of Police prior to an offer of employment being extended. 

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2. What is the process for hiring police officers?
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