Does ACCPD offer any assistance to officers to handle stress?

Yes, the ACCPD takes the wellness of our officers and staff very seriously. In addition to the County’s Employee Assistance Program, ACCPD uses an Early Intervention Program designed to take a proactive, non-disciplinary approach to positively influence employees’ conduct and performance.  By applying professionally accepted intervention strategies at an early stage, it is intended that the value of each employee be properly recognized and that his or her professional career be preserved and service as a county employee be retained.  One aspect of the Early Intervention Program is the Early Warning Alert System that automatically generates alerts to notify supervisors and commanders that an employee’s performance may need to be reviewed.  Supervisors are also encouraged to monitor their employee’s for any concerning behaviors or conduct and recommend or refer employees to seek out assistance.  ACCPD also has employees trained as peer counselors through the Georgia Department of Public Safety’s Office of Public Safety Support and requires any employee who has been through a critical incident to participate in a Critical Incident Stress Debrief through this program.

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