What is "Unplanned Water Use" notifications?

If you plan to go on vacation or have a time your house will be vacant, the "Unplanned Water Use" notification is a useful tool.  Set your account to send an alert if water use occurs while the house is empty.

Similar to how you might place a hold on your mail with the post office, you select a time period when there should be a "hold’ on your water.  Have an ice maker, auto-fill swimming pool, or self-filling pet bowl?  No problem!  Set a daily threshold for the number of gallons expected to be used.  When water use goes above this amount, you will receive an alert. 

How to set the "Unplanned Water Use" notifications:

  1. Open the drop-down menu for "Settings" and select "Communication Preferences."
    communication preferences

  2. Scroll down to "Unplanned Use Notifications."  Click the box to turn on notifications, then select the start and end dates for the time period in which you expect no water use on your property.  If you anticipate minimal water use (ice maker, self-filling pet bowl, etc.), enter the expected number of gallons per day for the "Daily Threshold."  Select how you would like to receive notifications.
    Unplanned Use

  3. The "Unplanned Use Notification" will expire on the chosen end date or by unchecking the box for "Unplanned Use Notifications."

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